Phentermine Facts & FAQs

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Phentermine, the facts and some frequently asked questions

We offer cheap phentermine without a prior prescription. We would prefer to ship from a US Phentermine Pharmacy to residents of the United States of America but currently have to do this from our associated EU pharmacies.

Why are phentermine and even other diet pills such a problem these days to order from the Internet?

Unfortunately US medical associations have very strong lobbying powers with the US Government and wish is part to protect US physicians' earnings from face-to-face consultations. In addition, the credit card companies have had problems with certain phentermine sales sites who have shipped fake medications and / or sold customers' confidential information including their credit card details to criminal gangs operating identity theft scams.

Phentermine is a class 4 scheduled medication which has we believe been commercially targeted by the US medical associations to get their members income from inflated pricing. We do not understand why phentermine can be targeted as it has and not other higher class 3 scheduled medications. Phentermine is a very well proven and tolerated medication; it is the USA's favorite appetite suppressant and we believe it has been unfairly targeted for this reason.

We have no problem supplying highest quality phentermine from one of our EU pharmacies to customers anywhere in the world (see our "Is this legal?" page).

Are you sure you really want phentermine?

Many people buy phentermine simply because it is a known medication. But phentermine is not the most effective weight loss diet pill available to you! The latest prescription obesity medications Acomplia, Meridia and Xenical are available from us at low prices.

US Residents only

Why buy phentermine when you are being financially penalized to do so? If you want a US pharmacy to ship to you without the need for a prior prescription or need for the pharmacy to contact your physician, you should at least try Phentramin D.

Phentramin D is not another herbal / Hoodia based option; it is a pharmaceutically produced chemical compound which works the same way as phentermine. The only difference is that Phentramin D's main chemical compound ingredient falls outside the FDA's regulated drugs list. We earnestly suggest US residents at least try this new replacement Phentermine.