Ionamin Time Release Capsules

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Ionamin time release formula capsules at discounted prices give phentermine users a diet pill option which is gentler on the stomach (for obesity sufferers with sensitive stomachs).

We work with several US & EU pharmacies; our US pharmacy ships to US residents only, our EU pharmacies ship to Europe and the USA (to take advantage of the ). Legal concerns about buying ionamin from outside your own country are discussed in our legal / safety page.

Ionamin Payment by In Stock? Pill Price
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US/EU Pharmacy 1 Credit Card No N/A
US/EU Pharmacy 2 VISA No N/A
US Pharmacy 1 VISA No N/A

10 Bonus pills will be added to your order if you use pharmacy option two - this will appear once you get to the order page.

Buying Ionamin on the Internet becoming impossible?
Possibly; we discuss the reasons on our FAQs and Facts page.

If there is an Ionamin supply problem, we recommend Phentramin over Ionamin anyway, as it is more effective yet gentler still on your stomach. Doctors in both the USA and EU are trying to restrict phentermine based obesity medications.