Legal & Safe Operation?

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Is this (your pharmacy sales) legal?

Yes, it is legal in respect that the pharmacies we send you to operate legally within in the laws of their own land. The question though generally is asked meaning "Is it legal for me to buy from one of these pharmacies?"

In some cases where the customer is in the USA we use US pharmacies, so the question of legal compliance is not applicable; these US pharmacies do not ship overseas. If you are a US resident you will know that medications over the border in Canada and Mexico can be bought without all the red tape and cost experienced in the USA. It is fact when we send US residents to US pharmacies the pharmacy has to get the customer to complete a questionnaire which includes their personal physicians name and contact information; the pharmacy then has to contact the doctor to get their approval to supply the ordered medication.

The problem with this is that many US doctors refuse to respond on the basis they want to charge their patient for a face-to-face consultation. Even then, certain drugs such as phentermine are now blocked by the establishment and authorities, so we have no choice but to send US customers wanting phentermine to one of our EU pharmacies. We would point out the argument that the US authority's restricting Internet sales of phentermine but not potentially much more sensitive medications can only be commercially orientated and done at the bequest of greedy US medical associations wanting to protect their own members inflated incomes.

This situation may well apply to other countries too.

So then perhaps the question becomes "If I live outside Europe, is it legal for me to buy medications from an EU pharmacy such as the ones your customers to?"

To answer that question, you must first look at the personal drug import rules for your country of residence. Most countries do allow personal imports of non-prescription and even prescription drugs (do not forget, what may be a prescription drug in your country may not be in the shipping pharmacy's country).

Some countries like the USA make the issue very complicated as (with the USA) the FDA states that all personal imports of prescription medications are considered unlawful but that the customs officer involved on the day has the right to waive that ruling! So basically unless a customs officer decides to stop a package from being delivered, they can. Our EU pharmacies report only a small number of shipments fail to get delivered consistent with general mail loss; that is, they do not believe any packages are being stopped. General mail loss can be a problem for International mail packages so our EU pharmacies offer a full refund guarantee in such an event.

We take the law very seriously.

If one of the pharmacies we use is, say in the EU as most of our pharmacy shipments come from, and they ship to the USA, as they are fulfilling a personal import order, they expect the relevant authority in the receiving country to advise them officially if there is any legal issue; the pharmacies we use have not been so advised.

How do I know your offer quality medications and will not abuse my credit card data?

Our medications are of the highest quality, for example we offer EU standard phentermine which is shipped typically from Germany; they have very high quality and safety standards. In some cases US citizens are given a US pharmacy option by us, in which case they are offered FDA approved American made medications. We can not physically abuse your confidential information or credit card details because we do not receive these ourselves (see our privacy statement page for details).