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Meridia (AKA Reductil) is now actually cheaper than phentermine, as well as being much more effective. More health care professionals in the USA and EU are advising obesity patients to take Reductil or Meridia, rather than phentermine (which loses effectiveness quickly).

Phentermine TC works with various US & EU pharmacies; our US pharmacy ships to US residents only, our EU pharmacies ship to Europe and the USA (taking advantage of the ). Legal concerns about buying acomplia from outside your own country are discussed in our legal / safety page.

Meridia / Reductil Payment by In Stock? Pill Price
 Web Site
EU Pharmacy 1 VISA Yes $1.52
EU Pharmacy 2 VISA Yes $2.32
US Pharmacy 1 VISA No N/A

Buying Meridia getting harder on the Internet?
Yes it is and we discuss the reasons on our FAQs and Facts page.

US residents demanding weight loss meds from a US pharmacy should visit our Phentramin-D (a new true chemical pharmaceutical appetite suppressant), Phentramin (Hoodia based) & Xenical pages.