Phentramin (Ionamin Replacement)

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With health care professionals in the USA and EU restricting Ionamin (time release phentermine) use, we actually have come up with a more effective and less expensive replacement, Phentramin; currently only available in the USA (demand greater than supply).

Phentramin is not restricted for sale by the FDA yet has been clinically proven to be as if not more effective than Ionamin, much gentler on your stomach and retain its efficiency for longer periods. Although it includes highest grade Hoodia, Phentramin is comprised of several natural and easily digestable compounds and outperforms basic Hoodia products as well as Ionamin.

Phentramin Payment by In Stock? Pill Price
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EU Pharmacy 1 Credit Card No N/A
EU Pharmacy 2 VISA No N/A
US Pharmacy 1 Credit Card Yes $0.82

Want to buy Phentramin but are resident in the EU?
Currently because of licensing and high than expected demand issues, we can only fulfill orders for US residents. EU customers we suggest you wait a few months for International approvals on and production to increase for phentramin, or try Hoodia Slim.