Xenical Dietary Fat Blockers

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Xenical is unique for two reasons; first it is the only diet pill to block the intake of fat from the food you eat (other diet pills make or try to make you feel less hungry), second it is available from pharmacies we deal with both in the US and EU.

However, Xenical for us shows the problem with the US pharmacy industry; US drug prices are inflated. So yes, US residents can buy Xenical online through us without a prior prescription (although your physician will be consulted under new FDA / DEA enforcement controls), but it is cheaper for you to buy from our EU pharmacies using the .

Legal concerns about US Residents buying Xenical outside the USA are discussed in our legal / safety page. EU residents have no such concerns as they are ordering from within the EU trade zone. US customers; remember George Bush vetoed pharmacy liberalization.

Xenical Payment by In Stock? Pill Price
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EU Pharmacy 1 VISA Yes $1.37
EU Pharmacy 2 VISA No N/A
US Pharmacy 1 Credit Card Yes $2.48